Snap’s Facebook problem

Is Snap next twitter? I don’t think so. Twitter did not have a business problem. They had the perfect business model lying in front of them. But they were busy fighting with each other. Snap is exact the opposite. It does not have any internal conflicts—atleast not that I know of. On the business side though they are being squeezed by Facebook.

But they have a chance. Reasons for my optimism:

  1. Great products manage to win. They may take sometime but they do. Apple is a good example. Snap is like Apple in that its users are its fans. Not just users but fans. And that counts.
  2. Facebook is a horizontal company. Every horizontal business model gives birth to a vertical one and vice versa. What makes Facebook vulnerable are the exact same things that make Snap powerful. And while Facebook is at its strength right now. It might not be in the future.
  3. Snap is what Facebook was supposed to be. It’s quintessential your social life in its purest form. You are in total control. No fake news, no privacy concerns, nothing. And I have a hunch that this will be a game changer.

As much as I am a fan of Ben Thompson saying that products alone are never enough. I somehow remain very bullish on Evan and his team—at least in the long run.