“I basically broke the rules. I was told point-blank that I couldn’t change the canvas or do anything to it. And I got fed up with doing what I thought would please the head of communications. I got tired of playing by the rules. And I thought, The only time I’ve ever made a difference, and the only time anything ever changes, is really when you’re respectful and disrespectful at the same time.”—Marc Jacobs

It is not always the stroke (habit) that you judge as worst which is the most ready for change. It is good to pick the stroke (habit) you most want to change.—Timothy Gallwey


Design, at its core, thrives when a human being cares enough to do work that touches another—it doesn’t thrive when it gets more “efficient.”

Gifts are the essence of art. Art isn’t made as part of an even exchange, it is your chance to create imbalance, which leads to connection. To share your art is a requirement of making it.—Seth Godin

The hard part of being a big fish in a little pond isn’t about being the right fish. It’s about finding the right pond. — Seth Godin