If our own history tells us anything, there is no reason why super intelligent robots won’t kill us, argues Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens, in his new book.

Ezra Klein digs deeper with him here.


“Happiness is not positive or negative. It’s the absence of both.”—Naval Ravikant

Naval is good. Not because he founded Angel List which I love. But because his way of living is so unique and inspiring. Listen to first 40 mins of this podcast to learn how to cultivate happiness in your life.


Management for Startups

Is management a necessary subject for startup CEOs? Yes. Not because they have to do more of it but because they have to do less of it. Reed Hastings sums it up brilliantly in first couple of mins of this podcast.

On a side note, listening to Marc Andresseen at 2x speed and not missing a beat is a sign that you are becoming good at consuming audio content.