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Islamabad, 44000

Writer & Pak Startup Weekly Curator


Hello, my name is Imran Haider, and I am a learner. Which is not as cool as it sounds at first, but it is now sometime since I have started enjoying the procedure.

Then there are three love which keep me awake at night.

  1. a 9 months old daughter.
  2. a wife
  3. passion (writing + design + tech + entrepreneurship)

Sometime my neighbours and guests also pay a role in awaking me, but you know that is not the case mostly. So I'll just go through what is important to me.

My Daughter: Her name is Asraa, and she finds it attractive to push keys of laptop when I am working. If she were doing it at the moment, you would have found some fgfgfggfg jffgff fghfgfhjhgjff jfjhfhfj gjgjhgjg.

My Wife: Her name is Tanzeela, and she finds it less attractive that I push keys of my laptop most of the time. If she were to control, you would have found a blank page here with a message "This page is under construction."

Writing / Startups / Design: I find them all very attractive. Writing is probably the hardest thing I do regularly. If you'll stay in touch, you would find me failing and succeeding in writing about startups, great desings and remarkable stories of founders.

I am also the curator of Pak Startup Weekly, a newsletter which has the best resources of the week for tech entrepreneurs, professionals and investors (if any) in Pakistan. I really think you should give it a try and subscribe, spam emails hate me and I hate them too.

I live in the city of Islamabad, beautiful capital of Pakistan. If you want to talk, I am @ImrnHdr on Twitter and Facebook. You can also send me an email at imran(at)imranhaider(dot)me. I reply to every email within two mins —  two working days. So keep them coming.